What does a Landscape Architect do?

Landscape architects plan and design land areas for projects such as parks, schools, roads, resorts, shopping centres, national parks and playgrounds. The job duties of a landscape architect include prepare specifications, arrange cost estimates, list building materials required and detail working drawings of the site; talk to architects, engineers and other professionals, and gather information on factors such as historical and natural conservation requirements, soil structure, drainage, rock features, existing and proposed buildings, and sun and shade movements; or investigate heritage of sites and make plans for the management of open-space areas.

They may specialise in types of services and resource management, site selection, cost studies or site construction.

How to become a Landscape Architect?

To become a landscape architect, you usually have to hold a Bachelor’s degree at an accredited university. Alternatively, you can study a related field, such as design, followed by a postgraduate qualification in landscape architecture.

Average Salary**

**Source: payscale.com