What does a Mechanical Engineer do?

Mechanical engineers plan, design and oversee the development, installation, operation and maintenance of machinery. The job duties of a mechanical engineer include design new machines, equipment or systems, taking into account cost, availability of materials, and strength and maintenance requirements; consider the appearance of the designs as well as the impact on users and on the environment; or carry out research on the use of different types of fuel and energy, materials handling, heating and cooling processes, the storage and pumping of liquids and gases, and environmental controls.

Mechanical Engineer may work in a range of different industries, including environment, dynamics, energy systems, manufacturing, material science or mechanical design.

How to become a Mechanical Engineer?

To become a mechanical engineer you usually have to complete a degree in engineering at university with a major in mechanical engineering. Alternatively, you can complete a relevant degree, followed by a postgraduate qualification in mechanical engineering. Experience is usually required for registration or licensing.

Average Salary**

**Source: payscale.com