What does an Optometrist do?

Optometrists perform eye examinations to determine the presence of vision problems and other eye conditions and diseases. The job duties of an optometrist include determine the nature and extent of vision and eye problems and disease by examining patients’ eyes using specialised instruments, techniques and tests; correct vision defects by prescribing and dispensing glasses or contact lenses, special optical aids or vision therapy; or conduct eye screening and testing for the purposes of determining occupational fitness to drive.

Optometrists may specialise in areas such as ocular disease, sports vision, children’s vision or industrial vision practices.

How to become an Optometrist?

To become an optometrist you usually have to study optometry at the university level. Alternatively, you can complete a degree in vision science or a relevant area at university, followed by a postgraduate qualification in optometry. Registration or licensing is required.

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