What does a Secondary School Teacher do?

Secondary School Teachers teach one or more subjects within a prescribed curriculum to secondary school students and promote students’ social, emotional, intellectual and physical development. The job duties of a secondary school teacher include present prescribed curriculum using a range of teaching techniques and materials; develop students’ interests, abilities and coordination by way of creative activities; or prepare, administer and mark tests, projects and assignments to evaluate students’ progress and record the results.

Secondary School Teacher may specialize in subject areas such as chemistry, accounting, physics, biology, psychology, mathematics, etc.

How to become a Secondary School Teacher?

To become a secondary school teacher, you are required to complete a bachelors degree in secondary education Alternatively, you could complete a degree in a subject area related to the current secondary school curriculum, followed by a postgraduate qualification in education. Sometimes relevant experience or on-the-job training is also needed, depending on the country’s registration requirements.

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