What does a Social Worker do?

Social workers help people to deal with personal and social problems, either directly or by planning or carrying out programmes that benefit groups or communities. The job duties of a social worker include provide counselling and support through a crisis that may be due to death, illness, relationship breakdown or other reasons; provide letters of referral or reports that will help clients to obtain other services such as crisis accommodation or social security benefits; or lobby to change social welfare policies and procedures in the pursuit of social justice for all members of the community.

Social workers may specialize in a range of different practices, including children and family, youth, violence and sexual assault, medical and health, child protection, income support, disability, education, age care, correctional services, etc.

How to become a Social Worker?

To become a social worker, you would require a bachelor’s degree or higher in social work. Sometimes relevant experience or on-the-job training is needed in addition to a qualification. Registration or licensing is required.

Average Salary**

**Source: payscale.com