What does a Sports Scientist do?

Sports scientists work with athletes and sportspeople in devising training, competition and recovery programs. The job duties of a sports scientist include conduct assessments specific to an athlete’s sport to determine how to improve sporting performance; devise treatment and exercise programs that support athletes’ preparation and recovery, or conduct research, make observations and interpret data in relation to sporting performance.

Area of Specialization may include athletic training, exercise science, health fitness, sports communication, sports marketing, and management.

How to become a Sports Scientist?

To become a sports scientist, you would require a bachelor’s degree in sport and exercise or human movement studies. Alternatively, you could do a degree in a relevant area, such as nutrition, physiotherapy or medicine; followed by a postgraduate qualification in sports science. Sometimes relevant experience or on-the-job training is also needed. Registration or licensing may be required.

Average Salary**

**Source: payscale.com